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Graphical User Interfaces: Installing Tk - Ruby - About.com
Directions of how to install the Tk GUI and its Ruby bindings on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.
Understanding the Tk Packer - Ruby - About.com
Understand the inner workings of the Tk GUI toolkit's geometry manager, the " packer."
Creating a Window - Ruby - About.com
Before you can add any widgets, you must have something to add them to. In Tk, this is called the root window. All widgets in the application are inside of and ...
Graphical User Interfaces - Ruby - About.com
Includes directions about using Tk, Qt and GTK libraries. ... Ruby Howto: Graphical User Interface · A Qt toolkit tutorial using ... A simple GUI tutorial with Ruby/Tk.
Adding Text Fields - Ruby - About.com
usr/bin/env ruby require 'tk' root = TkRoot.new do title "Adder" end button = TkButton.new(root) do text "Add" pack end entry1 = TkEntry.new(root) do pack end
Making the Application Do Something - Ruby - About.com
Sample Tk application -. Now that all of the widgets are packed correctly, the only thing left to do is make the button actually do something. Call the button's ...
Installing Ruby--Getting Ruby Up and Running - About.com
The Tk GUI toolkit was originally written for the TCL scripting language, but has since been adopted by many other languages including Ruby. Though it's not the  ...
Install 1.9.x Alongside Ruby 1.8.x - About.com
Install Ruby 1.9.1 on your Linux machine alongside your current Ruby 1.8.x ... Installing Ruby · How to Install Ruby · How to Install and Use Ruby's Tk Toolkit.
RubyGems and Rake are Merged with Ruby - About.com
Installing Ruby will give you RubyGems and Rake out of the box. ... A Quick Guide to Installing Ruby on Linux · How to Install and Use Ruby's Tk Toolkit ...
Tcl/Tk - What is Tcl/Tk - Linux - About.com
Definition: Tcl/Tk: Tcl is a scripting language. It is an easy to learn interpreted language that uses a typeless approach to achieve a higher level of programming ...
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