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Boolean Expressions in Ruby Control Structures - About.com
In Ruby, the true and false values are represented by two keywords and classes. The true keyword references an instance of the TrueClass class. The false ...
How to Use and Create Blocks in Ruby - About.com
As the key to Ruby's expressiveness, no program is complete without a block or two. ... The block is the portion of code between the do and end keywords.
Code Reuse: Inheritance - Ruby - About.com
If you're familiar with other object oriented programming languages, you'll be familiar with Ruby's object model. It's single inheritance, meaning a class may only ...
Aliasing a Method in Ruby - About.com
... class, or to help override methods and change the behavior of the class or object. Ruby provides this functionality with the alias and alias_method keywords .
How Does Ruby Compare to the Java Programming Language?
With the exception of JRuby--which is itself implemented in Java--Ruby's current implementations are ... Java uses a hefty set of mandatory keywords. In Ruby?
Keyword Arguments - Ruby - About.com
Keyword arguments are a powerfully expressive feature in any language. You'd think they would be a staple in Ruby's toolchest of awesome features. You may ...
The Case Statement in Ruby - About.com
Though this breaks Ruby's customary duck typing, it's sometimes necessary to get things done. This works by using the Class#=== (technically, the Module#=== ) ...
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... Benefits · Skills, Abilities and Keywords · Work at Home · Find a Job · How to Apply for a Job · Resumes and Cover Letters · Updated Articles and Resources ...

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