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Running Ruby Programs From the Command Line - About.com
Running Ruby programs from the command-line can be achieved by either " running" the file by typing its name or by using the ruby command. Since the ...
Running Ruby Scripts--Executing rb Files - About.com
Learn how to use the command line interface on Windows, Linux and OS X to run rb files and use the interactive Ruby program.
Interacting with External Programs - Ruby - About.com
You've learned how to launch external programs using both system or backticks and using the exec method. These are both fine, but only on one condition: the ...
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
Writing small programs with Ruby is as easy as importing the modules you need and writing an almost BASIC-like "sequence of events" type of program.
Command-line Arguments in Ruby - About.com
Use command-line arguments to pass parameters to your Ruby scripts from the ... In your Ruby programs, you can access any command-line arguments passed ...
Net:SSH--Executing Programs with Net::SSH - Ruby - About.com
Running programs with Net::SSH is simple enough. The Session object gives you two convenient methods with which to accomplish this task.
Scite Editor - Ruby - About.com
A visual walkthrough on installing Ruby on Windows. ... might not line up properly . Computer programs are almost always edited in a monospace font. 7 of 8.
Global Variables - Ruby - About.com
You don't often see this variable either (come to think of it, you rarely see any of these variables), but you may see them in very short Ruby programs that process  ...
Comments for Ruby Code - Usage, Single and Multi-Line - About.com
Use comments to annotate your Ruby code. ... You'll notice that all Ruby programs start with a comment starting with #!. This is called a shebang and is used on ...
Capturing the Return Value of an External ... - Ruby - About.com
Ruby makes it easy to run external programs and capture their output. Using the built-in "backtick" operator is as easy as running these programs from the ...
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