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Methods - Ruby - About.com
Methods are very important in Ruby. You have probably used them before, but have you thought about how to really define them?
More About Methods - Ruby - About.com
Surprisingly (because Ruby is usually so progressive in these respects), Ruby methods are not first class objects. They exist in a kind of limbo. They can be ...
Method Visibility - Ruby - About.com
Method visibility is crucial to implement proper encapsulation. Ruby provides ways to not only hide instance variables, but to hide instance methods as well.
A short introduction to methods in Ruby - Beginning Ruby Tutorial ...
A method in Ruby is an action taken on a specific object. You can also think of them as functions, but I find that thinking of them in the context of an action on an  ...
References to Methods in Ruby - About.com
Not like in Ruby where methods are somewhere out there in the aether. You can't take the address of a method in Ruby, can you? Or hold a reference to a ...
Instantiation and the Initialize Method - Ruby - About.com
Ruby objects are instantiated using the Class.new method, and initialize using their own initialize methods.
Dynamic Method Calls - Ruby - About.com
This is simply not the case in Ruby. ... Underneath it all, the methods might as well be functions that are almost called directly by memory address. But things are ...
Using the Input / Output Methods in Ruby - About.com
Input and output methods are often overlooked by many Ruby programmers. How often have you used the gets and puts methods without giving ...
Using Attributes With Ruby - About.com
Look at any object oriented code and it all more or less follows the same pattern. Create an object, call some methods on that object and access attributes of that ...
Instance Variables in Ruby - About.com
Instance variables begin with an at sign (@) and can be referenced only within class methods. They differ from local variables in that they don't exist within any ...
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