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IO Quick Reference - Ruby - About.com
You use IO methods all the time: gets and puts. However, there are more options available to you, should you need them.
Using the Input / Output Methods in Ruby - About.com
The primary methods in Ruby to accomplish this are puts or "put string" to write to the terminal and gets or "get string" to read from the keyboard.
Interacting with External Programs - Ruby - About.com
What IO.popen does is open another program in the background and give you an IO ... that looks just like a file, network socket, or any other IO interface in Ruby.
Serialization in Ruby: Marshal - About.com
There are several common ways to serialize objects in Ruby. ... Optionally, a second argument can be passed to Marshal::dump, an IO object (such as a file ...
Custom Serialization - Ruby - About.com
usr/bin/env ruby class Logfile def initialize(filename) @filename = filename # This IO object can't be marshaled @io = File.open(filename,'w') end def ...
Running the Ruby Profiler - About.com
Running the Ruby profiler to determine which methods are most expensive and which need to ... As you can see, the IO#each method is taking most of the time.
ARGF, a Shortcut for Scripts - Ruby - About.com
You can now start using ARGF as you would any other IO object. ... every file into a single string, you could simply say ARGF.read and Ruby will handle the rest.
Regular Expression Options - Ruby - About.com
In addition to the regular expression language features in Ruby, there are also four options that may be appended to regular expression literals ... /ab[123]+c/io.
Using Data Streams - Ruby - About.com
The data stream is a way of appending data to the end of a Ruby file and reading it using the DATA IO object. The DATA IO object is just like any of the other IO ...
Reading Files - Ruby - About.com
Ruby programs rarely exist in their own little world. ... The STDIN object and a File object are both IO objects, and they share many of the same methods. OK, that ...
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