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What is Ruby? - About.com
Not only is the official Ruby interpreter free, but there are several other free Ruby interpreters for various platforms. There are no tricks, it's not a trial version, ...
Making Digraphs in Ruby - About.com
In this example we made a family tree of programming languages (and Ruby interpreters). It's far from complete but tries to include Ruby and its interpreters.
Gems - Ruby - About.com
Ruby Version Manager is a new gem that allows you to easily install and switch between Ruby interpreters. This includes switching between different versions of  ...
How to Install Ruby One-Click Installer on Windows - About.com
This article is obsolete. It describes how to install the Ruby "One-Click Installer," which has since been replaced. However, since the One-Click Installer is still ...
How to Install Ruby - About.com
The best way to learn Ruby is to dive in head first. Before any Ruby code will be discussed in this tutorial series, time will be spent getting the Ruby interpreter ...
How to Install Ruby on Linux Operating System - About.com
Ruby is installed on most Linux distributions by default. Follow these steps to determine if Ruby is installed and, if not, install the Ruby interpreter on your Linux  ...
Ruby Version Manager (RVM) - Installing Multiple Versions of Ruby
It allows you to have multiple versions of the same interpreter, as well as multiple interpreters such as jRuby, MacRuby, Ruby Enterprise Edition, etc. And, for ...
The Interactive Ruby Prompt - About.com
One of the great things about Ruby is that it's test-driven. The interactive Ruby prompt provides an interface to the Ruby language for instant experimentation.
Using JSON: The JSON Gem - Ruby
This is the same gem implemented in pure Ruby. It should run everywhere that Ruby code runs, on all platforms and on a variety of interpreters. However, it's ...
Why JRuby? - About.com
But MRI is not the only game in town, there are other interpreters out there. Among them there is JRuby, a Ruby interpreter that runs on the Java Virtual Machine ...
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