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ObjectSpace - Ruby - About.com
While most of these methods may seem useful for poking around in Ruby's internals, and are sometimes fun to play with, I can count on one hand the times ...
Must-Read Ruby Links - About.com
Ruby Internals presentation - This is a presentation done by Patrick Farley shows you how Ruby really works. It clears away so much of the fog and just makes ...
Can't Modify Frozen String - Ruby - About.com
Any object in Ruby can be frozen by calling its freeze method. Once an ... All the API internals are still going to refer to the original config hash. So, let's just ...
Unit Testing with Minitest: More Assertions - Ruby - About.com
Ruby Expert .... This can be used to test larger parts of a system that produce specific output without having to assert anything about the internals of the system.
Creating a New Repository - Ruby - About.com
For instance, change directory to the MyProject directory where the Ruby files, README and data ... Git is very open, it's easy to go poking around in its internals.
Delphi Thread Pool Example Using AsyncCalls - About.com
As explained in the examples/help document (AsyncCalls Internals - Thread pool and waiting-queue): An execution request is added to the waiting-queue when ...

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