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Using the Input / Output Methods in Ruby - About.com
Without the ability to print things to the terminal and read input from the keyboard, a command-line interface is crippled. The primary methods in Ruby to ...
Mouse Input - Ruby - About.com
Note that it uses both event-driven input (for the clicks), and query-driven input (to get the position ... Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby.
Event-Oriented Input - Ruby - About.com
Input events are delivered to the Gosu::Window instance. In the main loop, before update is called, Gosu will deliver events for all buttons that have either been ...
Mouse and Keyboard Input in Gosu - Ruby - About.com
There are two primary ways to handle input in your program. The first is an event- oriented ... Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby. 1 of 5. 1.
Querying Input - Ruby - About.com
If event-based input is not your style, you can query any Gosu::Window to see if any button or key ... Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby.
Key and Button Constants - Ruby - About.com
Mouse and Keyboard Input in Gosu · Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby · Embedding Images in Gosu Programs · Z-Ordering and Layering in Gosu ...
Splitting Strings in Ruby - the String#split Method - About.com
Unless user input is a single word or number, that input will need to be split, or turned into a list of strings or numbers.
Command-line Arguments in Ruby - About.com
Use command-line arguments to pass parameters to your Ruby scripts from the command line.
The Case Statement in Ruby - About.com
So, for each when clause, Ruby will evaluate case === value until it finds a match . If we were to input Bob, Ruby would first evaluate "Alice" === "Bob", which ...
Interacting with External Programs - Ruby - About.com
It'll then enter an infinite loop and any input you pass to it, it will pass to bc, then read one line back from bc. #!/usr/bin/env ruby bc = IO.popen('bc -q', 'w+')
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