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Using the Input / Output Methods in Ruby - About.com
Input and output methods are often overlooked by many Ruby programmers. How often have you used the gets and puts methods without giving ...
Mouse Input - Ruby - About.com
Note that it uses both event-driven input (for the clicks), and query-driven input (to get the position ... Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby.
Event-Oriented Input - Ruby - About.com
Input events are delivered to the Gosu::Window instance. In the main loop, before update is called, Gosu will deliver events for all buttons that have either been ...
Mouse and Keyboard Input in Gosu - Ruby - About.com
There are two primary ways to handle input in your program. The first is an ... is part of a series. Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby.
Querying Input - Ruby - About.com
If event-based input is not your style, you can query any Gosu::Window to see if any button or key ... Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby.
Mouse and Keyboard Input in Gosu - Ruby - About.com
Games are, by definition, interactive. Gosu makes this interaction straightforward with a simple interface for detecting and reacting to key and mouse button ...
Splitting Strings in Ruby - the String#split Method - About.com
Unless user input is a single word or number, that input will need to be split, or turned into a list of strings or numbers.
Command-line Arguments in Ruby - About.com
Use command-line arguments to pass parameters to your Ruby scripts from the command line.
Getting and Printing Strings - Ruby - About.com
Aug 17, 2011 ... How to read and print strings in Ruby. ... Printing strings to the terminal and reading strings from keyboard input. While this might not be all that ...
Interacting with External Programs - Ruby - About.com
It'll then enter an infinite loop and any input you pass to it, it will pass to bc, then read one line back from bc. #!/usr/bin/env ruby bc = IO.popen('bc -q', 'w+')
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