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Glossary - Ruby - About.com
The glossary contains definitions of the Ruby programming terms, phrases and symbols used on About.com's Ruby site.
How to Create and Use Hashes in Ruby - About.com
This article explains and teaches how to use a associative arrays (hashes) as a way to store multiple variables in one data structure.
Literal - Ruby - About.com
Definition: Literal: An object that can be constructed using special syntax. The most basic types of literals are numbers and strings. A number or string in a Ruby  ...
String Interpolation - Ruby - About.com
A definition of string interpolation as it related to Ruby code.
Pseudocode - Ruby - About.com
Pseudocode is example code in an imaginary language used to demonstrate an algorithm without writing a working implementation.
SQL Injection - Ruby - About.com
Definition: SQL Injection: SQL Injection is a vulnerability in web applications in which user input is not properly sanitized and characters special to SQL (such as  ...
Encapsulation - Ruby - About.com
Encapsulation refers to a principal in Object Oriented programming of one part of the program not being able to effect another.
Newline - Ruby - About.com
Advanced Ruby · Beginning Ruby · Ruby on Rails · Tutorials · Gems · Regular Expressions · Networking · Graphical User Interfaces · Glossary · Reviews · JRuby ...
Hello World Program - Ruby - About.com
Glossary · G - L ... The logo, selected as winner of the Ruby Logo Contest - Tom Schaub/Wikimedia ... A Simple Guide to Using the Command Line in Ruby ...
assert_equal - Ruby - About.com
The base assertion in the Test::Unit library. assert_equal will not fail as long as its two arguments are equal.
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