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Glossary - Ruby - About.com
The glossary contains definitions of the Ruby programming terms, phrases and symbols used on About.com's Ruby site.
How to Create and Use Hashes in Ruby - About.com
This article explains and teaches how to use a associative arrays (hashes) as a way to store multiple variables in one data structure.
Literal - Ruby - About.com
A number or string in a Ruby program will automatically construct Numeric or String objects. More complex examples are the regular expression literal which will ...
Hello World Program - Ruby - About.com
A Hello World program is a small program that simply prints something (usually " Hello world!") to the screen.
SQL Injection - Ruby - About.com
SQL injection is a vulnerability that tricks a web application into executing arbitrary SQL queries.
Pseudocode - Ruby - About.com
Pseudocode is example code in an imaginary language used to demonstrate an algorithm without writing a working implementation.
Newline - Ruby - About.com
... About Technology · Ruby . . . Glossary · M - R ... Ruby Essential. The logo, selected as winner of the Ruby Logo Contest - Tom Schaub/Wikimedia · Here's What Ruby Is · Beginning ... A Simple Guide to Using the Comman...
Rake - Ruby - About.com
Rake is a build program written in Ruby and similar to the make program on UNIX systems.
How to Create Arrays in Ruby - A Basic Guide - About.com
Storing variables within variables is a common thing in Ruby and is often referred to as a "data structure." There are many varieties of data structures, the most ...
String Interpolation - Ruby - About.com
In Ruby, string interpolation refers to the ability of double-quoted strings to execute Ruby code and replace portions of that strings (denoted by #{ ... }) with the ...
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