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Glossary - Ruby - About.com
The glossary contains definitions of the Ruby programming terms, phrases and symbols used on About.com's Ruby site.
How to Create and Use Hashes in Ruby - About.com
... Glossary · Reviews · JRuby · Question and Answer · Learning Ruby From the Ground Up · Daily Uses of the Ruby Programming Language · Special Projects ...
Literal - Ruby - About.com
Literal: An object that can be constructed using special syntax. The most basic types of literals are numbers and strings. A number or string in a Ruby program ...
String Interpolation - Ruby - About.com
A definition of string interpolation as it related to Ruby code.
Pseudocode - Ruby - About.com
Pseudocode is example code in an imaginary language used to demonstrate an algorithm without writing a working implementation.
SQL Injection - Ruby - About.com
Glossary · S - Z. SQL Injection. By Michael Morin. Ruby Expert ... Ruby Essentials. The logo, selected as winner of the Ruby Logo Contest - Tom Schaub/ ...
How to Create Arrays in Ruby - A Basic Guide - About.com
Storing variables within variables is a common thing in Ruby and is often referred to as a "data structure." There are many varieties of data structures, the most ...
protect_from_forgery - Ruby - About.com
Ruby Expert. Share this. Send to a ... Ruby Essentials. The logo, selected as ... About.com · About Technology · Ruby · Glossary · M - R; protect_from_forgery.
Newline - Ruby - About.com
Glossary · M - R. Newline. By Michael Morin. Ruby Expert ... Ruby Essentials. The logo, selected as winner of the Ruby Logo Contest - Tom Schaub/Wikimedia.
Hash Literals - Ruby - About.com
... can be both a fast way to retrieve an object based on a key, and a convenient key/value store. There's no doubt, hashes are one of the most used types in Ruby .
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