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Running Ruby Scripts--Executing rb Files - About.com
Learn how to use the command line interface on Windows, Linux and OS X to run rb files and use the interactive Ruby program.
Reading Files - Ruby - About.com
Ruby programs rarely exist in their own little world. And while many choose to communicate over the internet, there's still plenty of need to access plain old files.
Getting Information About a File in Ruby Using File::Stat - About.com
Sometimes blindly opening files just won't cut it, sometimes you need to know more information about a file before opening it.
Using Logger Library: How to Write Log Files in Ruby - About.com
How to use the logger library to create and write to log files in Ruby.
Net:SSH--Transferring Files with Net::SCP - Ruby - About.com
One common use for SSH is to transfer files using the SCP protocol over SSH. You can use SCP in your Ruby programs with the Net::SCP library, which is a ...
Is the "Require" Method Overlooked in Ruby? - About.com
The 'require' method is the reusable code mechanism in Ruby. It allows you to import other source files into your programs.
Load Vs. Require - Ruby - About.com
It is a method in the Kernel module, but in MRI it is implemented in C (it would have to be, as Ruby has no API for loading and parsing Ruby files other than ...
How to Install Ruby One-Click Installer on Windows - About.com
To start the bundled editor for Ruby files, click on SciTE. To start the graphical documentation browser, click on fxri. Right-click in any folder, such as the Desktop ...
Using Temporary Files - Ruby - About.com
There are many hidden pitfalls when using temporary files. Ruby's Tempfile class solves many of these.
Using Glob With Directories (Dir.glob) in Ruby - About.com
Particularly useful was the Dir.for each method for iterating over all files in a directory. ... of a ruby on rails site - chomwit/inkscape creation/Wikimedia Commons.
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