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Event-Oriented Input - Ruby - About.com
Input events are delivered to the Gosu::Window instance. In the main loop, before update is called, Gosu will deliver events for all buttons that have either been ...
A Beginner's Guide to Ruby Programming Language - About.com
Writing small programs with Ruby is as easy as importing the modules you need and writing an almost BASIC-like "sequence of events" type of program.
Mouse Input - Ruby - About.com
You can both query them with button_down? and events with button_down and button_up. ... Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby. 5 of 5.
Ruby Dee -- A Profile of Cleveland-Born Actress Ruby Dee
Ruby Dee, born in Cleveland in 1924, is a versatile stage, screen, and television actress. Although she left ... November Events · Monthly Events Calendars.
40th Anniversary Celebration Suggestions and Ideas
Ruby, because rubies are thought to possess an eternal inner flame which is a ... Fill the branches with pictures of major events in your life, people who love and ...
An Introduction to Distributed Ruby - About.com
Distributed Ruby, or DRb, is a library that allows you to communicate with remote Ruby objects and programs, using TCP/IP network protocols.
Mouse and Keyboard Input in Gosu - Ruby - About.com
Read more articles about Rapid Game Prototyping in Ruby ... Creating A Simple Calculator to Handle Button Events · Definition of I/O · JavaScript By Example ...
Biography of Dorothy Dandridge, Academy Award Winner
Dorothy's mother, Ruby Dandridge, was five months pregnant when she had left her ... her creativeness by singing and reciting poetry at local social events.
Must-Read Ruby Links - About.com
It's all good Ruby links, current events, news, and random Ruby-related things. Everything here is good reading, Peter digs through all the "other" stuff and just ...
Game Programming in Ruby with Rubygames - About.com
The logo, selected as winner of the Ruby Logo Contest - Tom Schaub/Wikimedia ... There are two ways to handle input: handling the events or getting the ...
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