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How to Use Ruby to Check Email - About.com
Learn to use Ruby's pre-installed POP3 libraries to check your email. ... You could easily expand this example to include a timer and play a sound when you get ...
Practical Regular Expressions: Email Addresses - Ruby - About.com
Using regular expression to tell if an email address is valid or not. ... usr/bin/env ruby # Test cases emails = %w{ email@example.com email.user@example.com  ...
Using the 'Split' Method in Ruby - About.com
Free Email Newsletter ... As you may already know, strings in Ruby are what are known as first class objects which ... This would be done, for example, if you have a string like"foo, bar, baz" and you want the three strings "foo"...
CSV Example - How to Parse CSV in Ruby - About.com
A method for parsing CSV files using only Ruby's built-in string methods is presented and ... Free Email Newsletter ... In this example, we'll parse a CSV file.
Use OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby - About.com
Using OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby ... Free Email Newsletter ... The following boiler plate code will be used for all the examples in this tutorial.
Substitutions Using Regular Expressions - Ruby - About.com
In the example, a simple call to capitalize is used, but any number of method calls ... Should Know About Running Ruby Scripts · Checking Your Email with Ruby ...
Aliasing a Method in Ruby - About.com
Aliasing is a powerful Ruby feature that allows more than one method to be referred to by multiple names. ... Free Email Newsletter ... The following example declares a new class and creates an alias for the on method called start. Ads. &ensp.
How to Send Email with Ruby on Rails - About.com
With Ruby on Rails, emails are objects and their content comes from templates. ... def mail(recipient) @from "sender.address@example.com" @recipients ...
Splitting Strings in Ruby - the String#split Method - About.com
So, in the following example, assuming the user input their name correctly, you .... Should Know About Running Ruby Scripts · Checking Your Email with Ruby ...
Getting Started With Bundler for Ruby Gems - About.com
Free Email Newsletter ... Here is the example Gemfile generated by bundler init. It lists a gem ... A sample Gemfile source "http://rubygems.org" # gem "rails".
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