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How to Create Arrays in Ruby - A Basic Guide
We will not share any of the email addresses on this form with third parties. ... For example, 3 is a numeric literal and "Ruby" is a string literal. An array literal is a ...
Using the 'Split' Method in Ruby - About.com
Free Email Newsletter ... As you may already know, strings in Ruby are what are known as first class objects which ... This would be done, for example, if you have a string like"foo, bar, baz" and you want the three strings "foo"...
How to Use Ruby to Check Email - About.com
Learn to use Ruby's pre-installed POP3 libraries to check your email. ... You could easily expand this example to include a timer and play a sound when you get ...
Using each - Beginning Ruby Tutorial, Control Structures | About.com
Ruby each method tutorial - Control structures in Ruby, learn how to loop through ... We will not share any of the email addresses on this form with third parties.
How to Use Loops in Ruby - While, Until, Each, Times Loops
Computer programs often have to perform actions a number of times, not just once. For example, a program that prints all of your new email will need to print ...
How to Create and Use Hashes in Ruby - About.com
Ruby Expert. Share this. Send to a ... Free Email Newsletter. Let About.com send ... For example, a teacher might store a student's grades in a hash. Bob's grade ...
Aliasing a Method in Ruby - About.com
Aliasing is a powerful Ruby feature that allows more than one method to be referred to by multiple names. ... Free Email Newsletter ... The following example declares a new class and creates an alias for the on method called start. Ads. &ensp.
Splitting Strings in Ruby - the String#split Method - About.com
Free Email Newsletter ... So, in the following example, assuming the user input their name correctly, you should receive a 3-element Array from the split. ... Ruby is not real big on "special variables" that you might find in languages li...
Practical Regular Expressions: Email Addresses - Ruby - About.com
Using regular expression to tell if an email address is valid or not. ... usr/bin/env ruby # Test cases emails = %w{ email@example.com email.user@example.com  ...
CSV Example - How to Parse CSV in Ruby - About.com
A method for parsing CSV files using only Ruby's built-in string methods is presented and ... Free Email Newsletter ... Note that this is just an example program.
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