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Practical Regular Expressions: Email Addresses - Ruby - About.com
Using regular expression to tell if an email address is valid or not.
Using the 'Split' Method in Ruby - About.com
String manipulation using the split method in Ruby. ... Free Email Newsletter ... As you may already know, strings in Ruby are what are known as first class ...
Splitting Strings in Ruby - the String#split Method - About.com
Free Email Newsletter ... usr/bin/env ruby print "What is your full name? ... Ruby is not real big on "special variables" that you might find in languages like Perl, ...
Practical Examples - Ruby - About.com
Practical examples of using the various String methods. ... Free Email Newsletter. Let About.com ... A Quick Guide to Forming Command Line Arguments in Ruby.
Substitutions Using Regular Expressions - Ruby - About.com
Free Email Newsletter ... If a method ends with the exclamation point in Ruby, likesub!, it means that instead of returning a modified string, the method will act on ...
How to Use Ruby to Check Email - About.com
Learn to use Ruby's pre-installed POP3 libraries to check your email.
Use OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby - About.com
Using OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby ... Free Email Newsletter ... The following boiler plate code will be used for all the examples in this tutorial.
Aliasing a Method in Ruby - About.com
Aliasing is a powerful Ruby feature that allows more than one method to be referred to by multiple names. This can be used to give a ... Free Email Newsletter.
Serialization in Ruby: Marshal - About.com
There are several common ways to serialize objects in Ruby. The Marshal module is used less often ... Free Email Newsletter. Let About.com send you the latest ...
How to Use Loops in Ruby - While, Until, Each, Times Loops
For example, a program that prints all of your new email will need to print each email from a list, not just a single email. To do this, a constructs called loops are ...
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