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25 Gem Commands for Maximizing Ruby Gem Use - About.com
The gem command is one of the most used Ruby-related commands. This article shows 25 Gem Commands and their functions.
Use OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby - About.com
In the article discussing OptionParser's features we discussed some of the reasons that make using OptionParser in Ruby preferable to looking through ARGV ...
Command-line Arguments in Ruby - About.com
This is the standard mode of operation for UNIX commands and since Ruby is used widely on UNIX and UNIX-like systems (such as Linux and OS X), it's pretty  ...
Automation with Net::SSH (Secure Shell) - Ruby - About.com
Net::SSH is a way for Ruby to interact with SSH. Using this gem, you can connect to remote hosts, run commands, examine their output, transfer files, forward ...
Using the Command Line in Ruby - Tutorial - About.com
Before really starting to use Ruby you need to have a basic understanding of the command line. ... The commands are the same on Windows, Linux and OS X.
The Interactive Ruby Prompt - About.com
One of the great things about Ruby is that it's test-driven. The interactive Ruby prompt provides an interface to the Ruby language for instant experimentation.
Gems - Ruby - About.com
A Quick Guide to Forming Command Line Arguments in Ruby · Businessman ... The gem command is one of the most used Ruby-related commands. This article  ...
Eval: Running Code on the Fly - Ruby - About.com
Adding a way for programmers to issue Ruby commands to your program directly by using eval can be a powerful debugging tool and quite easy to implement.
Getting Started With Bundler for Ruby Gems - About.com
This article was written for Bundler version 1.0. If you are using a later version of Bundler, the commands and code here may or may not work. If in doubt refer to ...
Ruby (Programming): Add / Install Gems From Repository
Learn to search the Ruby Gems repository to find gems to add and install to your library. ... 25 Gem Commands for RubyGems · What is Bundler? Deploying ...
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