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Reference: Named Character Classes - Ruby - About.com
A listing of the named character classes available to you in regular expressions in Ruby.
Is the "Require" Method Overlooked in Ruby? - About.com
The 'require' method is the reusable code mechanism in Ruby. ... many variables in the global scope outside any classes or methods or by using the $ prefix.
Everything about Object Oriented Programming - Ruby - About.com
Ruby is, by definition, an object oriented programming languages. You won't be writing many programs without using classes, and even if you think you're not, ...
Free Online Ruby Programming Classes - Distance Learning
This site offers dozens of free online Ruby programming classes for beginning to advanced programmers. Try "Getting Started with Rails" to survey a Ruby ...
Introducing Classes - Ruby - About.com
Ruby is an object oriented programming language. This means code is organized into classes, and data is manipulated via objects. Since this is so essential to ...
Using Attributes With Ruby - About.com
There are two basic things you can do with an object: call a method on it and access an attribute. Ruby doesn't make a distinction between these things, but it ...
Instantiation and the Initialize Method - Ruby - About.com
Ruby objects are instantiated using the Class.new method, and initialize using their own initialize methods.
Modules: Containment and Composition - Ruby - About.com
Underneath it all, classes are just collections of methods. Ruby implements them using Module, which also have other uses including composition and ...
Class Variables - Ruby - About.com
This can be seen as a fluke, an artifact of how Ruby implements classes. However, they do have the added benefit of not interacting in any way with the other ...
Constants in Ruby - About.com
Like just about every programming language every conceived, Ruby supports ... values defined, but a list of classes and modules also defined in that module.
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