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Ruby's Basic Features: Blocks, Loops, Arrays & more - About.com
Like any other programming language, Ruby has a number of basic features that make up the code. Learn what these features are and how to use them in your ...
How to Create Arrays in Ruby - A Basic Guide - About.com
Storing variables within variables is a common thing in Ruby and is often referred to as a "data structure." There are many varieties of data structures, the most ...
Basics - Ruby - About.com
This page describes the basic features of the Ruby programming language, giving beginning programmers an idea of how to use blocks, variables, arrays, ...
Router Basics - Ruby - About.com
Router Basics. The core of any Ruby on Rails web application is the data to be accessed. Instead of giving you a thin layer over the HTTP server and saying ...
How to Create and Use Hashes in Ruby - About.com
Beginning Ruby · Ruby's Basic Features: Blocks, Loops, Arrays & more. Hashes. What is an Associative Array? By Michael Morin · Ruby Expert. Share this ...
Basic Array Operations - Ruby - About.com
Beyond creating Arrays with literals, indexing the elements and iterating over the elements, there are a lot of very useful things that can be done with Arrays.
How to Use Loops in Ruby - While, Until, Each, Times Loops
Beginning Ruby · Ruby's Basic Features: Blocks, Loops, Arrays & more. How to Use Loops in Ruby--While, Until, Each and Times Loops. Using Loops in Ruby.
Using the Input / Output Methods in Ruby - About.com
Input and output methods are often overlooked by many Ruby programmers. ... Beginning Ruby · Ruby's Basic Features: Blocks, Loops, Arrays & more ...
How to Use and Create Blocks in Ruby - About.com
How to use blocks in Ruby. ... Tech · Ruby . . . Beginning Ruby · Ruby's Basic Features: Blocks, Loops, Arrays & more ... Blocks are used extensively in Ruby.
Hashes - Ruby - About.com
You will (probably) never see a non-trivial Ruby program that does not use Hashes ... I can recall using DATA statements in BASIC all the time, remembering  ...
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