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Sometimes the old adage rings true: the best things in life are free. If you've wanted to learn a little Ruby, but haven't been able to fit a programming course into ...
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Sinatra is a web framework. Simply put, it's a library that allows you to write web applications with a minimum of red tape.
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These pages deal with some of the more advanced concepts of Ruby and are geared toward intermediate and advanced programmers. The covered concepts  ...
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Ruby is the July birthstone, but this lovely red gem is popular with jewelry lovers born throughout the year.
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By Lauren Thomann. See More About. about ruby · ruby · ruby basics · rubies. 158316574.jpg. Richard Leeney Collection/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images ...
Methods - Ruby - About.com
Methods are very important in Ruby. You have probably used them before, but have you thought about how to really define them?
Hash Tips and Tricks - Ruby - About.com
Hashes aren't just data structures, they have a few tricks up their sleeves. And while you may never end up using any of these tricks, they really show off how ...
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More About Sapphires & Rubies. Sapphire Index · Ruby Basics · Ruby Index. Birthstones & Anniversaries. What's Your Birthstone? Birthstones Index · Traditional ...
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... Anniversary · 6 Reasons to Avoid Piercing Guns · Tips for Cleaning Pearl Jewelry · Tips for Buying Gold Jewelry. See More About: about topaz · ruby basics.

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