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Using Attributes With Ruby - About.com
... on it and access an attribute. Ruby doesn't make a distinction between these things, but it does give you some tools to make some methods act like attributes.
Storing Key/Value Pairs in Ruby - Structs and OpenStructs - About.com
Storing key/value pairs in Ruby doesn't always need to be accomplished by using a ... some attr_accessor statements and a contructor to assign to the attributes.
Making Digraphs in Ruby - About.com
This is a pure-Ruby gem and doesn't require any compilation. .... In other words, doing tomato and node("Ruby").attributes does exactly the same thing, one just ...
Instance Variables in Ruby - About.com
This has to do with scope and how Ruby implements things. ... Everything You Need to Know About Variables · Local Variables and Bindings · Using Attributes ...
Getting Information About a File in Ruby Using File::Stat - About.com
For this, Ruby provides the File::stat class method, which will query the operating system about the file without opening it. It takes a single parameter, the ...
Everything about Object Oriented Programming - Ruby - About.com
Using Attributes is a way to simplify your life. Tired of writing empty "setters" and " getters?" Attributes are one of the basic ways to interact with an object in Ruby.
The Link Class - Ruby - About.com
In particular, the href and rel attributes and the link text itself. Ads ... usr/bin/env ruby require 'rubygems' require 'mechanize' agent = Mechanize.new page ...
What is ActiveRecord? - Ruby - About.com
It is a core part of Ruby on Rails and is responsible for handling all database .... objects from having to worry about the implications of setting a certain attributes.
Using each - Beginning Ruby Tutorial, Control Structures - About Perl
Ruby each method tutorial - Control structures in Ruby, learn how to loop through an array or hash with each. Page 2.
Command-line Arguments in Ruby - About.com
Use command-line arguments to pass parameters to your Ruby scripts from the command line.
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