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How to Create Arrays in Ruby - A Basic Guide - About.com
This article explains and teaches how to use a arrays as a way to store multiple ... Storing variables within variables is a common thing in Ruby and is often ...
Creating Hashes from Arrays - Ruby - About.com
There are a few ways, but there's a way built into Ruby that fits onto a single line. ... You have one array of column names, and then an array of arrays ...
Two Dimensional Arrays in Ruby - About.com
We'll use a two dimensional array to represent the 2048 game board, but how do we create a 2D array in Ruby?
Sorting Arrays - Ruby - About.com
One of the most common tasks when dealing with arrays is to sort them. Luckily, Ruby makes this simple and flexible.
How to Create and Use Hashes in Ruby - About.com
This article explains and teaches how to use a associative arrays (hashes) as a way to store multiple variables in one data structure.
Method for Mapping the Values of an Array - Ruby - About.com
Iterating over arrays isn't the only trick up Ruby's sleeve. Having the ability to map arrays (and other enumerable collections) is a powerful feature.
Basic Array Operations - Ruby - About.com
Beyond creating Arrays with literals, indexing the elements and iterating over the elements, there are a lot of very useful things that can be done with Arrays.
Ruby's Basic Features: Blocks, Loops, Arrays & more - About.com
Ruby's Basic Features: Blocks, Loops, Arrays & more. Like any other programming language, Ruby has a number of basic features that make up the code.
Introduction to Arrays - Ruby - About.com
There are even entire programming languages largely based on creating and manipulating such ordered arrays (such as LISP). In Ruby, the primary way to ...
How Can I Rotate an Array in Ruby? - About.com
Rotating an array is not something the default Ruby library includes. However, it is quite easy and by using Ruby's open classes, you can add it to the Array class  ...
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