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Ruby Annoyances: Variables Don't Have Type - About.com
To many programmers new to Ruby and dynamic languages in general, one annoyance or point of confusion is that variables don't have type. Values have type ...
Literal - Ruby - About.com
A number or string in a Ruby program will automatically construct Numeric or ... The String Class · Ruby Annoyances: Variables Don't Have Type · The String ...
How to Use Ruby to Check Email - About.com
Learn to use Ruby's pre-installed POP3 libraries to check your email. ... and deleting SPAM are small annoyances we put up with in order to get to the business ...
Strongly Typed - About.com - About Perl
Ruby Annoyances: Variables Don't Have Type · Definition of Bool · Everything You Need to Know About Variables · Reading C code in Win32 API · C# Tutorial  ...
Strong Type Explained With Examples - About Visual Basic
... An Introduction to the .NET Framework Class Library · Computer Number Systems · Ruby Annoyances: Variables Don't Have Type · JavaScript Data Typing ...
Loosely Typed - About.com - About Perl
Ruby Annoyances: Variables Don't Have Type · JavaScript Variables and Operators · Wondering What "Variables" Are in Programming? Here's the Answer  ...
Unix/Linux OS: extern variables, 3 types of variables, types of variables
Aug 28, 2006 ... ... Unix Command · What is a Variable? Bool - Definition · Ruby Annoyances: Variables Don't Have Type · Emacs Documentation - Locals ...
Excel: Type Casting in VBA, string variables, excel spreadsheet
Mar 7, 2004 ... Date and Time Data Types in SQL Server · Declaration Statement- Definition for the Term: Declaration Statement · Ruby Annoyances: Variables ...
Ecommerce Annoyances - Web Design/HTML - About.com
If you're trying to get people to buy from your website, there are some common annoyances that you should avoid so that you can retain more customers.
Book Review: PC Annoyances
Book review of PC Annoyances: How To Fix The Most Annoying Things About Your Personal Computer by Steve Bass from your About.com Guide for Internet ...
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