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What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Under the Hood - About.com
What's new in Ruby 2.1.0? There are two new features under the hood that you may not know about: Method caching and an enhanced garbage colllector.
What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Strings - About.com
Strings. You cannot avoid them. Every program uses strings of some kind. There are a few changes and tweaks you can use to your advantage in Ruby 2.1.0.
What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Numerics - About.com
Ruby 2.1.0 includes a new small changes to numeric literals if you're working with rational or imaginary numbers, as well as a few changes to how Bignum ...
Indexing Strings - Ruby - About.com
However, before reading this article, you'll need to know your Ruby version. .... Everything About Strings · Splitting Strings · What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Strings ...
Ruby on Rails Tutorial - Starting the Blog - About.com
To install the specific version of the Ruby on Rails gem (and all its dependencies) , run the following command. $ gem install rails --version "= 2.1.0". If newer ...
Start the Server - Ruby - About.com
Ruby on Rails is designed to work well with webservers such as Webrick or Mongrel for easy ... Rails 2.1.0 application started on => Ctrl-C to ...
Garbage Collection - Ruby - About.com
It's a hallmark of many high level languages, including Ruby. ... What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Under the Hood · Weak References · Adobe LiveMotion 1.0 Review ...
Using the Input / Output Methods in Ruby - About.com
Input and output methods are often overlooked by many Ruby programmers. How often have you used the ... Pairs in Ruby? What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Strings  ...
Generating a New Project 2 - Ruby - About.com
I'd been using the command prompt to run Rails commands for quite a while. ... A New Rails Project · What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Numerics · How to Manage a ...
Beginning Ruby - About.com
If you're just getting to know Ruby, these articles will tell you what you need to ... the Web (2); New Features in Ruby 1.9.x (13); New Features in Ruby 2.1.0 (3).
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