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What's New in Ruby 2.0.0? - About.com
The Ruby 2.0.0 preview 1 release was just pushed out, what can you expect in this shiny new version?
Keyword Arguments - Ruby - About.com
Until Ruby 2.0, Ruby has not had true keyword arguments. You could simulate them using a hash, but as of Ruby 2.0 there's no longer any need to do that.
What is the Difference Between alias and ... - Ruby - About.com
It is implemented in an un-Ruby way, it is implemented as a keyword. ... And, as of Ruby 2.0.0 (which has been feature locked), you can even use the comma, ...
Refinements: Monkeypatching Made Safe - Ruby - About.com
This article is about a new feature in Ruby 2.0. To read more about Ruby 2.0, go to the main article on Ruby 2.0 new features. Feel free to patch monkeys to your ...
Beginning Ruby - About.com
If you're just getting to know Ruby, these articles will tell you what you need to know to get started. From a basic explanation of the programming language to ...
The Mechanize 2.0 Handbook - Ruby - About.com
In other words, it is a program that acts on your behalf. The Mechanize object is your Ruby program's "agent," and it's the first class you'll use when starting any ...
Refinements: The End of Monkey Patching - Ruby - About.com
Well, Ruby 2.0 is some time off, and you probably won't see it until then. But it's on the horizon, and it's such a natural fit, it's hard to imagine this won't be in Ruby  ...
What's New in Rails 4? - Ruby - About.com
Ruby on Rails 4 requires Ruby 1.9.3 or higher and prefers Ruby 2.0. This puts the final nail in the coffin for Ruby 1.8.x which, after all these years, was still kind of ...
Review: RubyMine 5.0 - About.com
What do you use to edit Ruby and Ruby on Rails code? .... RVM Integration and Ruby 2.0 - RubyMine knows about RVM, and allows you to configure which ...
Use OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby - About.com
In the article discussing OptionParser's features we discussed some of the reasons that make using OptionParser in Ruby preferable to looking through ARGV ...
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