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Installing Rubies - Ruby - About.com
The rvm install generally only takes one parameter, the name of the Ruby to install. ... Downloading ruby-1.9.1-p378, this may take a while depending on your  ...
Capturing the Return Value of an External ... - Ruby - About.com
Ruby makes it easy to run external programs and capture their output. Using the built-in ... usr/bin/env ruby `ping #{ARGV[0]}` if $? ... What's New in Ruby 1.9.1?
The Interactive Ruby Prompt - About.com
The interactive Ruby prompt provides an interface to the Ruby language for ... -- The String Index Operator in Ruby 1.9.1 · Capturing the Return Value of an ...
Installing Ruby on Windows, Mac and Linux - About.com
Instructions for installing Ruby on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. ... Install Ruby 1.9.1 on your Linux machine alongside your current Ruby 1.8.x distribution to ...
What is RVM? - Ruby - About.com
This is really handy, allowing you to ensure your software works on 1.8.6, 1.8.7 and 1.9.1, as well as other implementations such as Ruby Enterprise Edition and  ...
Bindings - Ruby - About.com
... Recommends. Eval: Running Code on the Fly · Multiple Splats in Ruby 1.9.1 · The 'require' Method in Ruby-- Is the Require Method Overlooked in Ruby?
How Example One Works - C/C++/C - About.com
... Custom Delphi Components - Inside and Out - Page 5/9 · Constructor Chaining · Constructor · What's New in Ruby 1.9.1? --Multiple Splats in Ruby 1.9.1 ...
Download RubyInstaller - About.com
Here, at the time of this writing, you'll be presented with three choices, the three current major versions of Ruby. Choose one to fit your needs (I prefer 1.9.1, ...
Practical Ruby - About.com
Once you have a good handle on the basic features and methods of Ruby, ... Ruby 1.8.x- -Upgrading to Ruby 1.9.1 · Visual Tutorial: Installing Ruby on Windows ...
asciitopgm - Linux Command - Unix Command
pgmslice - Linux Command - Unix Command · $IGNOREEOF - What is $ IGNOREEOF · The Question Mark Operator in Ruby 1.9.1 · JavaScript Variables and ...
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