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Router Basics - Ruby - About.com
Routing. What connects an HTTP query to a specific URL to an action an a controller? This is the job of the Ruby on Rails router, it correlates URLs with actions ...
What is Routing - Packet Routing in IP - Voice Over IP - About.com
IP Routing - Routing is the process during which data packets are forwarded from one machine or device (technically referred to as a node) to another on a ...
TCP / IP Network Routing Table Definition - Networking - About.com
A routing table is used by computer network routers to determine the destinations of messages it is responsible for forwarding. The routing table is a small ...
Bank Routing Numbers - Your Account's ABA Number
Today ABA numbers are often referred to as RTN or Routing Transit Numbers. Most people outside the banking industry refer to them simply as the bank routing  ...
What Is a Layer 3 Switch? (Network Routing) - Networking - About.com
A Layer 3 switch is a high-performance device for network routing. Layer 3 switches actually differ very little from routers. A Layer 3 switch can support the same ...
What is an ABA Routing Number and Where can I Find It?
An ABA (or "routing") number is a code that identifies your bank. This code helps other banks transfer money to and from your account; it is similar to an address ...
CIDR Notation - Classless Inter Domain Routing Tutorial - Networking
CIDR stands for Classless Inter-Domain Routing . CIDR was developed in the 1990s as a standard scheme for routing network traffic across the Internet.
Avoid Splinters When Routing (Woodworking Ideas)
When routing strongly-grained wood such as oak, particularly when going against the grain, the wood can easily splinter or have chunks taken out, leaving a ...
Wiring and Cable Routing - Components - About.com
Routing wiring and cabling is an area of product design that is easy to push off until the last minute where suddenly problems and challenges can pop up.
Production Routing - Logistics/Supply Chain - About.com
The routing shows the flow of required work that needs to be achieved, which can in be one or more facilities and could include work being sent to a vendor for ...
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