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Is the "Require" Method Overlooked in Ruby? - About.com
In order to create reusable components--ones that can be easily used in other programs--a programming language must have some way of smoothly importing  ...
What is Padrino? - Ruby - About.com
There are a lot of possibilities for sub-applications, the most obvious being reusable components. Simply mount the sub-application in your main application and ...
What's the difference between a control and a component?
Oct 3, 2009 ... NET supports creating reusable components through the creation of User ... A " component" is a generic term that means just what the dictionary ...
Code Reuse: Create Component Templates in Delphi - About.com
Creating and using Component templates provides a simple, quick way of configuring and saving groups of components in Delphi.
How Printer Cartridge Recycling Works - About.com
After that, based on the condition of those components, it's either shredded or disassembled. Metal components go off to a smelter for reuse; plastic parts are ...
bonobo - What is bonobo - Linux - About.com
Bonobo is a set of language and system independent CORBA interfaces for creating reusable components (controls) and creating compound documents.
Introducing Borland Delphi - Page 1/3 - About.com
Delphi provides all the tools you need to develop, test and deploy Windows applications, including a large number of so-called reusable components. Borland ...
Creating Custom Delphi Components - Inside and Out - Page 1/9
This tutorial will explain component writing to you, which should result in more code reuse. It will go over properties, events and methods, and will also explain ...
Delphi Programming - Most recent Delphi tutorials and articles - 2005
NET developer to wrap the common UI features of a web applications into reusable components. In real world applications you'll want to be able to dynamically ...
Glossary of Visual Basic Terms - About Visual Basic
is Microsoft's specification for reusable software components. ActiveX is based on COM, the Component Object Model. The basic idea is to define exactly how ...
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