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Is the "Require" Method Overlooked in Ruby? - About.com
In order to create reusable components--ones that can be easily used in other programs--a programming language must have some way of smoothly importing  ...
What is Padrino? - Ruby - About.com
There are a lot of possibilities for sub-applications, the most obvious being reusable components. Simply mount the sub-application in your main application and ...
Code Reuse: Create Component Templates in Delphi - About.com
Creating and using Component templates provides a simple, quick way of configuring and saving groups of components in Delphi.
Introducing Borland Delphi - Page 1/3 - About.com
Delphi provides all the tools you need to develop, test and deploy Windows applications, including a large number of so-called reusable components. Borland ...
bonobo - What is bonobo - Linux - About.com
Bonobo is a set of language and system independent CORBA interfaces for creating reusable components (controls) and creating compound documents.
What's the difference between a control and a component?
Oct 3, 2009 ... NET supports creating reusable components through the creation of User ... A " component" is a generic term that means just what the dictionary ...
Creating Custom Delphi Components - Inside and Out - Page 1/9
This tutorial will explain component writing to you, which should result in more code reuse. It will go over properties, events and methods, and will also explain ...
How Printer Cartridge Recycling Works - About.com
The collected cartridges are sent to recycling plants where the cartridges are sorted by type, reusable components are taken for use and the remaining parts are ...
2006. Delphi Programming by Zarko Gajic - About.com
NET developer to wrap the common UI features of a web applications into reusable components. In real world applications you'll want to be able to dynamically ...
Glossary of Visual Basic Terms - About.com
is Microsoft's specification for reusable software components. ActiveX is based on COM, the Component Object Model. The basic idea is to define exactly how ...
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