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Is the "Require" Method Overlooked in Ruby? - About.com
The 'require' method is the reusable code mechanism in Ruby. It allows you to import other source files into your programs.
Load Vs. Require - Ruby - About.com
How do you load code into a Ruby program? There are two ways to do this. You' re probably familiar with the ever-present require method, but what about its ...
A Quick Peek at Ruby: 'Include' vs. 'Require' - About.com
Oct 23, 2008 ... After our recent post about the require method, we received the following question from one of our readers. After dropping him an email to ...
Optional Method Parameters with Hashes - Ruby - About.com
What are more powerful and useful are named parameters. Named parameters can be passed in any order and you don't need to know their default values.
Static Method Definition - Java
Static methods are used for methods that do not need to access to an object's state or only use static fields. For example, the main method is a static method:
Use a Binding Method That Doesn't Require Extra Steps
The more steps involved in finishing a print project, the greater the cost. Choose a binding method that doesn't add too much cost to the finishing.
How Can I Change Accounting Methods? IRS Form 3115
If you wish to change accounting methods you are required to get permission from the IRS in advance. Failure to do so can result in penalties imposed by the ...
How to make a Visual C# class usable in a foreach statement
IEnumerator requires that you implement three methods: The MoveNext method, which increments the collection index by 1 and returns a bool that indicates ...
Scientific Method - Definition and Examples - Biology - About.com
The scientific method is a series of steps followed by scientific investigators to answer specific ... Everything You Need to Know About the World's Bears.
How to Be a Teacher - Methods for Becoming a Teacher
In the United States, each state has a different method for teacher certification. In general, however, you will need to get a bachelor's degree, typically in either ...
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