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Named Regexp Groups - Ruby - About.com
Ruby 1.9 introduces the concept of a named capture group. These named groups can be defined at the beginning of a regexp statement using a trick that tells for ...
What's a Regular Expression? Ruby Regular Expressions 101
For example, /abc/ will create a Regexp object that will match the string abc. Additionally, a number of single-character options may be appended to the regex  ...
Regular Expression Syntax - Ruby - About.com
This is the meat of the regexp, the part that defines exactly what the characters are. Here are a few examples that use only elements and which show off several  ...
regexp - Linux Command - Unix Command
Linux / Unix Command Library: regexp. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
JavaScript By Example - Objects: RegExp
In a similar way to how the Math object extends what you can do with numbers, RegExp objects extend what you can do with strings by adding the abiliity to ...
More Properties of RegExp - JavaScript - About.com
Each of these three parts for the last match that was performed can be accessed via static RegExp properties - leftContext or $` contains whatever precedes the ...
The RegExp Object - JavaScript - About.com
RegExp is a predefined object in Javascript.: sans serif font regexp object meta characters regular expression character classes.
RegExp Methods - JavaScript - About.com
What methods are available for the RegExp object.: regular expression pattern sans serif font expression objects meta characters method tests.
Regular Expressions in VB 6 - Visual Basic - About.com
RegExp and Match in this example are objects from the Reference selected earlier. Private Sub Command1_Click() ' Search for all the words in a string
MultiLine Mode - JavaScript - About.com
... of Winter I finally... See More About. regular expressions · pattern matching · javascript regexp ... regular expressions · pattern matching · javascript regexp.
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