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Named Regexp Groups - Ruby - About.com
Ruby 1.9 introduces the concept of a named capture group. These named groups can be defined at the beginning of a regexp statement using a trick that tells for ...
Substitutions Using Regular Expressions - Ruby - About.com
A more powerful interface for string manipulation is regular expression substitutions. This method is the most flexible as it can apply to any string. When using the ...
What's a Regular Expression? Ruby Regular Expressions 101
A regular expression (or regex, plural is regexen) in Ruby, like in other languages, is a statement in a special language designed to match strings to text.
regexp - Linux Command - Unix Command - About.com
Linux / Unix Command Library: regexp. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
RegExp - Linux Command - Unix Command - About.com
Linux / Unix Command Library: RegExp. Learn about its synopsis, description, options, and examples.
The RegExp Object - JavaScript - About.com
RegExp is a predefined object in Javascript.: sans serif font regexp object meta characters regular expression character classes.
JavaScript By Example - Objects: RegExp
In a similar way to how the Math object extends what you can do with numbers, RegExp objects extend what you can do with strings by adding the abiliity to ...
RegEx in Delphi - Regular Expression Libraries for Delphi - About.com
A regular expression (regex, regexp) is a string that describes or matches a set of strings, according to certain syntax rules. Regular expressions are used as a ...
RegExp Methods - JavaScript - About.com
What methods are available for the RegExp object.: regular expression pattern sans serif font expression objects meta characters method tests.
Start and End - JavaScript - About.com
We will begin by looking at how we can define a regular expression that is required to match the start or end of a text string rather than just matching any ...
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