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Reddit Clone in Rails Part 1: Setting up - Ruby - About.com
Nov 29, 2012 ... In this tutorial we'll set up the project. We'll generate the Rails project, set up git, and create a dummy User model we'll need for the next step.
Creating a Reddit Clone with Rails - Ruby - About.com
In this tutorial series, we'll start from the ground up and build a clone of the site Reddit.com, a popular social news site. You will learn how to generate new ...
Reddit Clone in Rails Part 2: Posts - Ruby - About.com
Nov 29, 2012 ... In this tutorial we'll use the scaffold generator to generate the Post model. ... things up a bit and implement the very core of a Reddit clone: links.
Part 4: Integrating Devise - Ruby - About.com
Advanced Ruby · Beginning Ruby · Ruby on Rails · Tutorials · Gems .... About. com · About Technology · Ruby · Ruby on Rails · Creating a Reddit Clone with ...
Part 3: Installing Devise - Ruby - About.com
Reddit wouldn't be much without users. In this tutorial, we install Devise as our authentication solution and get ready to integrate it.
Step 1: Scaffolding Posts - Ruby - About.com
The finished code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub and the complete ... Creating a Reddit Clone with Rails · A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Blog in Ruby ...
Making Beef and Guinness Stew with a Pressure Cooker
This tutorial is of a classic Irish recipe, Beef and Guinness Stew, but once you master the technique, you can use any combination of vegetables, liquids and ...
New to Cats - Getting Your First Cat - About.com
"I'd really like a purebred (name your favorite breed), but maybe I should adopt a mixed breed instead." This tutorial helps answer those questions, as well as a ...
Ruby on Rails - About.com
Tutorials and informative articles introducing the fundamental concepts and programming ... Creating a Reddit Clone with Rails (4); Ruby on Rails 4 (3) ...
Getting Your First Page - Ruby - About.com
Referer: http://www.reddit.com/. Before you ask, yes, ... About.com · About Technology · Ruby · Tutorials · The Mechanize 2.0 Handbook; Getting Your First Page.
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