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Reddit Clone in Rails Part 1: Setting up - Ruby - About.com
Nov 29, 2012 ... Reddit is a social news site (or a social links site, or a social funny pictures site, depending on how you want to use it). People sign up, submit ...
Creating a Reddit Clone with Rails - Ruby - About.com
In this series, we'll create a clone of the popular social news site Reddit.com. The site will be fully functional and as we'll make few sacrifices (such as the ...
Reddit Clone in Rails Part 2: Posts - Ruby - About.com
Now it's time to step things up a bit and implement the very core of a Reddit clone : links. Reddit is all about links, one would say that apart from the comments, ...
Reddit - A Social Review of Reddit - Web and Social Media Trends
Reddit takes simple to a new level with a very plain design that is easy to use. The community is focused more on offbeat news and commentary of current news ...
How to Use Reddit to Discover the Web - About Web Search
Reddit is a unique social bookmarking and social networking service that offers several Reddit subnetworks for different subjects: science, celebrity news, etc.
Using the NSFW Reddit Section - Web and Social Media Trends
The NSFW section on Reddit, commonly known as “Reddit Gone Wild” helps generate quite a significant amount of traffic for the social network and has become ...
Be Wary Of Gatecrashing Reddit – Some Sites Just Have Too Much ...
Reddit is what is known in the biz as a content aggregator. To put it another way, it is a collection of user submitted links that run the gamut, from comedy and ...
Funny Websites - The Funny Reddit - Web Humor - About.com
What is "The Funny Reddit"?: Funny is one of thousands of subcategories on social news site Reddit. You're not going to find too much actual news in Funny, but ...
Qué es y cómo funciona Reddit - Redes sociales - About.com
Conoce el sitio de noticias y enlaces social llamado Reddit.
Reddit - Web and Social Media Trends - About.com
The Reddit community is made of of some very smart, talented and creative individuals. In fact, this simple social networking board often makes mainstream ...
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