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Introducing Redcar - Ruby - About.com
Redcar is a self-hosting Ruby editor. It's written in Ruby, it's extensible in Ruby and its primary focus is editing Ruby code. It's currently in active development and ...
Redcar's Features - Ruby - About.com
Redcar supports all of the expected editor features, as well as features you'd expect from a modern editor or IDE. This is by no means a complete list, but it will  ...
Installing Redcar - Ruby - About.com
Redcar is distributed via Rubygems. Installing it is a single gem install command, plus one more. As Redcar runs on jRuby, it requires Java to be installed.
Waterfront Red Car Trolley Line - Los Angeles Travel - About.com
The Red Car Trolley Line serves waterfront attractions in San Pedro, Los Angeles , CA.
The Red Car News Boys - Show at Disney California Adventure
A few times a day, one of the Red Car Trolleys pulls up Hollywood Boulevard with a train full of Newsies-style singing news boys. The trolley stops at Carthay ...
Red Car Trolley - Disney California Adventure Buena Vista Street
See a picture of the Red Car Trolley at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California.
The Red Car Trolley at Disney California Adventure - Theme Parks
Adding to the pleasant bustle guests encounter on Buena Vista Street is the Red Car Trolley. Harking back to the Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles, the ...
What Does Your Car Color Say About Your Personality? - Psychology
Does the color of the car you drive reveal something about your personality? Learn more about how your product choices might give clues about your ...
Robots of the Air Force - US Military - About.com
REDCAR allows the Air Force to integrate a family of robots to secure an airfield and take the warfighter out of the initial line of attack.
Disney's California Adventure Photos - Red Car Streetcar
Preview photo gallery of the changes Disney will be making to the Disney's California Adventure theme park, including the Red Car streetcars.
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