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What's new in Ruby 2.1.0: Numerics - About.com
Now, there are numeric literals that can be used for rationals using the r suffix. You can now say 4.10r to represent 4/10 as a Rational object. You can also leave  ...
Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, and Integers - Mathematics
In mathematics, you'll see many references about numbers. Numbers can be classified into groups and intially it may seem somewhat perplexing but as you ...
umb-scheme - Linux Command - Unix Command
Integers are implemented as fixnums and bignums, rationals as pairs of integers, (inexact) reals as double-precision floats, and (inexact) complex numbers as ...
What Is a Real Number - Statistics - About.com
The property that sets the real numbers apart from other sets of numbers, like the rationals, is a property known as completeness. Completeness is a bit technical ...
The Best Algebra Apps for All Ages - Test Prep - About.com
... or don't understand something while you're prepping for the SAT Math section, you can look up polynomials, rationals, logarithms and other algebraic concept ...
Fear of "pigging out" - Calorie Count
Like going out for ice cream, I wanted to tonight, but I went twice this week already and I keep having these rationals go though my head "YOU ...
Readers Respond: How Did You Transition to a Career in Human
Nevertheless, I wished long ago to engage in the HR field, but could not find logical rationals for my transition. Not too long, but soon when I am finished with the ...

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