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Generating Random Numbers in Ruby - Kernel#srand - About.com
It's often useful in games, simulation and unit testing to generate random numbers, Ruby provides easy access to a pseudo-random number generator.
Generate Random Numbers in Excel - Spreadsheets - About.com
Generate random numbers in Excel using the RAND function. This tutorial includes a step by step example.
Excel RANDBETWEEN Function: Generate Random Numbers
Rather than getting any random number the RANDBETWEEN function lets you specify a range between two numbers it is to select from.
How to Generate Random Numbers in Java - About.com
Generating a series of random numbers is one of those common tasks that crops up from time to time. In Java, it can be achieved simply by using the java.util.
Generate a Random Number With PHP - PHP/MySQL - About.com
PHP can generate a random number over a very large range, or pick randomly between only two or three choices. Here's how to do both.
Excel Random Number Functions - Spreadsheets - About.com
Mar 2, 2013 ... The tutorials listed here show you how to generate random numbers in Excel. Step by step examples are included with each tutorial.
Challenge: Fastest Unique Random Number Generator - Delphi
Your challenge is to create the fastest algorithm to fill in an array with unique integer numbers.
How to Generate Random Numbers in Java - About.com
Following on from the first article on generating random numbers in Java, find out how to generate random fractional numbers and boolean values.
Random Numbers: Generating Unique Random Numbers
Once you know how to generate random numbers it's often the case that the numbers also need to be unique. A good example is picking lottery numbers.
What is a Random Number? - C/C++/C - About.com
Learn about how random numbers are generated, distributions, Linear Congruential Generators and more.
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