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Rake - Ruby - About.com
Rake: A build program written in Ruby and similar to the make program on UNIX systems. Instead of a second build language, Rake uses rakefiles (instead of ...
How to Rake Sand Bunkers on a Golf Course - About.com
Yes, there is a proper way to rake a sand bunker on the golf course. Learn how in this step-by-step guide.
Reason Behind Raking Leaves - Landscaping - About.com
Why is it necessary to rake leaves off the lawn in fall? The reason behind raking them off goes beyond the oft-quoted admonition about smothering.
Are There Advantages to Raking Leaves vs. Vacuuming?
Lots of people use vacuums for leaf removal nowadays, instead of leaf rakes. Using rakes is just an old-fashioned method of removal, right? Or are there ...
Where Should You Leave the Rake After a Bunker? - Golf - About.com
Answer: When you're finished raking a bunker, what do you do with the rake? Do you place it inside or outside the bunker? Are there rules or guidelines that ...
When to Rake Leaves - Landscaping - About.com
By when do you have to rake leaves? How long a time can leaves be left on a lawn before damage is done? I answer these questions here.
raked stage - Musicals & Theater - About.com
A "raked stage" is a theatre stage floor angled from the edge of the stage, near the audience, up toward the back of the stage, furthest from the audience.
Leaf Raking - the Right Way to Do It and the Added Benefits
Like just about anything else, leaf raking has its right way and wrong way. By doing it correctly, you can dethatch your lawn and even gain free mulch.
Raking Bunkers: Smooth Sand as You Back Out of Bunker
Begin raking over the signs of play from the sand - the area where your club made contact with the sand, and your footprints. Pull the tines of the rake toward you ...
Is it OK to Take Rake Into Bunker Before Playing Shot?
Yes, it's OK to carry the rake into a bunker, so long as you don't use the rake to test the condition of the sand before playing your shot. Andrew Redington / Getty  ...
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