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Router Basics - Ruby - About.com
Routing. What connects an HTTP query to a specific URL to an action an a controller? This is the job of the Ruby on Rails router, it correlates URLs with actions ...
Clean up the Routes - Ruby - About.com
At this point, your routes.rb file will be a little messy. The original Rails generator created a routes.rb filled with comments and default routes that you do not need.
Step 3: Authentication with Devise - Ruby - About.com
Feb 11, 2013 ... This will install the library into your Rails application and get ready ... Blog:: Application.routes.draw do resources :posts root :to => 'posts#index'.
Quick and Rough Rails 4 Blog Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
If you visit the root URL, you'll see a Rails welcome page. To get rid of that, you'll need to add a default route. Routes are Rails' way of mapping URLs to ...
An Introduction to Rails: a Quick Blog Part 2 - Ruby - About.com
In Part 1 of this series, we looked at installing Rails, generating a new project and .... If you then visit the same URL, you'll get a Rails error saying No route ...
Rails Application Flow - Ruby - About.com
In the case of Ruby on Rails, the flow control is all handled behind the scenes, and all you're left with is (more or ... The router is configured in config/routes.rb.
Part 2: Bootstrapping - Ruby - About.com
This is done with the command rails generate scaffold short long:string. $ rails generate ... This application will be much simpler, consisting of just three routes.
Dealing With Ruby Vulnerabilities: Pay Attention to Idempotence
There are two ways of fixing an application made before Rails 2.0 and RESTful designs. ... you could try adding the RESTful resource route to the routes.rb file.
Part 3: Installing Devise - Ruby - About.com
rails generate devise User invoke active_record create db/migrate/ 20121219011615_add_devise_to_users.rb insert app/models/user.rb route devise_for :users.
Your First Controller - Ruby - About.com
Now that you have a new Rails project, you're probably at a loss of where to go. ... world create app/controllers/hello_controller.rb route get "hello/world" invoke ...
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