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Quick and Rough Rails 4 Blog Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
Installing Rails 4 is as easy as it ever way, just use gem install. Make sure you add --no-rdoc and --no-ri, Rails is big and the documentation takes forever to ...
What's New in Rails 4? - Ruby - About.com
Now that Rails 4 is out, it's time to take a good look at it. Ruby on Rails 4 does not change anything architecturally, as Rails 3 did, so there are no huge changes ...
Turbolinks Default in Rails 4 - Ruby - About.com
Turbolinks are on by default in Rails 4. This means things are faster, but how? And why?
Step 3: Authentication with Devise - Ruby - About.com
Feb 11, 2013 ... The finished code for this tutorial can be found on GitHub and the ... This will install the library into your Rails application and get ready to ...
Ruby on Rails - About.com
4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language ... I'd been using the command prompt to run Rails commands for quite a while. However, you just ...
Ruby on Rails Tutorial - Starting the Blog - About.com
The classic first project for a Rails programmer to tackle is a blog. Since the first demonstration screencasts, the "15 Minute Blog" has become infamous. A blog is  ...
Part 3: Installing Devise - Ruby - About.com
Next we need to generate a few config files for Devise. The command to do this is rails generate devise:install. This will generate an initializer, as well as a locale ...
Rails Blog Tutorial - Allowing Comments - Ruby - About.com
Part four of the Ruby on Rails blog tutorial shows you how to create a comments table to allow users to comment on your blog posts.
Mass Assignment - Ruby - About.com
The mass assignment semantics have changed for Ruby on Rails 4, read on for the details.
Rails for Zombies - Ruby - About.com
... no installation necessary! But for learning Rails, there's been no equivalent. Until now, however. Rails for Zombies is an interactive tool for learning Rails basics.
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