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Quick and Rough Rails 4 Blog Tutorial - Ruby - About.com
What do you do when a new version of Rails comes out? Build a blog, of course. The blog is kind of the hello, world application of the web application world.
What's New in Rails 4? - Ruby - About.com
Now that Rails 4 is out, it's time to take a good look at it. Ruby on Rails 4 does not change anything architecturally, as Rails 3 did, so there are no huge changes ...
Turbolinks Default in Rails 4 - Ruby - About.com
Turbolinks are on by default in Rails 4. This means things are faster, but how? And why?
Rails Blog Tutorial - Allowing Comments - Ruby - About.com
Part four of the Ruby on Rails blog tutorial shows you how to create a ... Look" · Step 3: Authentication with Devise · Quick Rails 4 Blog Tutorial · Python's Iterators  ...
Step 3: Authentication with Devise - Ruby - About.com
Feb 11, 2013 ... This will install the library into your Rails application and get ready to actually .... 4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language.
Part 3: Installing Devise - Ruby - About.com
The command to do this is rails generate devise:install. This will generate an .... 4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language · Beginning Ruby ...
Router Basics - Ruby - About.com
The Ruby on Rails router is responsible for determining which action to run depending on the HTTP ... 4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language.
Part 4: Integrating Devise - Ruby - About.com
Great, everything is functional, now let's integrate the authentication into our Rails application. This really just involves adding a few things to the view and using ...
Step 1: Scaffolding Posts - Ruby - About.com
Without a framework like Rails, and particularly the scaffold generator, getting up and running with ... 4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language.
Generating a Rails Project - Ruby - About.com
Generating a Rails project from which to build an application. ... 4 Ways Ruby is Better Than Your Programming Language · Beginning Ruby ...
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