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Ruby on Rails - About.com
The release of Ruby on Rails 2.2 bring a new set of features to the table. While release 2.2 is only an incremental release and there are no major architectural ...
Deploying Applications with Bundler - Ruby - About.com
bundle install --deployment Using rake ( Using i18n (0.6.0) Using ... Using thor (0.14.6) Using railties (3.2.1) Using rails (3.2.1) Your bundle is complete!
Connection Pooling - Ruby - About.com
Rails can now manage a pool of thread-safe database connections to certain ... Riding Rails · Rails 2.2 Announcement · Announcement at Ryan's Scraps ...
ATX12V vs. ATX Power Supplies - Desktop Computers - PC Reviews
To handle this, 4 additional pins were added to the connector to supply the addition power through 12V rails. Now the pin layout is keyed such that the 24- pin ...
Using rails.vim - Ruby - About.com
Editing a Rails application is a challenge for any text editor, since Rails applications are spread across multiple files of different types and have different rules for ...
Power Supply Voltage Tolerances - PC Support - About.com
Proper Voltage Ranges for ATX Power Supply Voltage Rails ... for each power supply voltage rail according to Version 2.2 of the ATX Specification (PDF).
Running the Test - Ruby - About.com
Running the Test in Rails. Next, we'll go ... /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/ activesupport-2.2.2/lib/active_support/testing/setup_and_teardown.rb:60:in ` __send__'
Unsafe Driving: The Law - Freight & Trucking - About.com
... King pin upper coupling device; Rails or support frames; Tie down bolsters ... Class 3 flammable, Division 5.2, 2.2, 2.3 chlorine, 6.1 poison, 2.2 oxygen, 2.1, ...
Air Force Jobs Listing and descriptions - US Military - About.com
2.2. Accomplishes initial pre-flight of aircraft according to flight manuals; ... Directs application of restraint devices such as restraint rails, straps, chains, and nets ...
What Is the Maximum Grade My Train Can Climb?
... on the railroad's operations than a 2.2 percent grade that is only 1/2 mile long. ... Curves increase the friction between wheels and rails, consequently it will be ...
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