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Using rails.vim - Ruby - About.com
Editing Rails projects in Vim effectively. ... Editing a Rails application is a challenge for any text editor, since Rails applications are spread across multiple files of ...
Installing rails.vim - Ruby - About.com
Editing Rails projects in Vim effectively. ... Installing rails.vim. Installing rails.vim is about the same as installing any other Vim script. Locate your vimfiles directory ...
Editing Rails Applications in Vim - Ruby - About.com
Though it is possible to edit Rails applications in Vim without the help of any specialized scripts, the rails.vim script makes many tasks simpler. A good example ...
Setting up a Rails Development Environment - Ruby - About.com
Before you can dive into Rails development, you need a few things. ... The "big two" can be used easily, both Emacs and Vim are free, available on all platforms  ...
Jumping Between Files - Ruby - About.com
The biggest problem to solve when editing Rails applications is jumping between many files. Without any scripts, this is a difficult task in Vim. The following ...
Visual Tutorial - Installing NetBeans - Ruby - About.com
Combined with the MySQL database, NetBeans provides a complete Rails and Ruby on Rails environment. ... Using rails.vim · Agile Development. Ads. &ensp.
Vim--Reviewing the Vim Text Editor - Ruby - About.com
A review of the Vim text editor for writing Ruby code.
Installing the JDK - Ruby - About.com
Our Expert Recommends. Ruby on Rails · NetBeans · Java · What is Ruby on Rails? Using rails.vim · Agile Development ...
Visual Tutorial - Orienting Yourself in NetBeans - Ruby - About.com
I'd been using the command prompt to run Rails commands for quite a while. However, you just can't ... Using rails.vim · Installing NetBeans. Ads. &ensp. &ensp ...
Ruby on Rails - About.com
Tutorials and informative articles introducing the fundamental concepts and programming possibilities of the web framework Ruby on Rails.
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