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Using rails.vim - Ruby - About.com
Editing Rails projects in Vim effectively. ... Editing a Rails application is a challenge for any text editor, since Rails applications are spread across multiple files of ...
Installing rails.vim - Ruby - About.com
On Windows, this is C:\Documents and Settings\your username\vimfiles or on Linux or OS X ~/.vim. Extract the zip file downloaded from the rails.vim download  ...
Editing Rails Applications in Vim - Ruby - About.com
Though it is possible to edit Rails applications in Vim without the help of any specialized scripts, the rails.vim script makes many tasks simpler. A good example ...
Vim--Reviewing the Vim Text Editor - Ruby - About.com
The Vim editor is a powerful editor available on all major platforms. Since it's intended for writing code, it's also an ideal editor for writing Ruby code. Though you ...
Jumping Between Files - Ruby - About.com
The biggest problem to solve when editing Rails applications is jumping between many files. Without any scripts, this is a difficult task in Vim. The following ...
Setting up a Rails Development Environment - Ruby - About.com
Before you can dive into Rails development, you need a few things. ... The "big two" can be used easily, both Emacs and Vim are free, available on all platforms  ...
Visual Tutorial - Installing NetBeans - Ruby - About.com
Combined with the MySQL database, NetBeans provides a complete Rails and Ruby on Rails ... What is Ruby on Rails? Using rails.vim · Agile Development.
Ruby on Rails - About.com
Tutorials and informative articles introducing the fundamental concepts and programming possibilities of the web framework Ruby on Rails.
Visual Tutorial - Orienting Yourself in NetBeans - Ruby - About.com
I'd been using the command prompt to run Rails commands for quite a while. However, you just can't ... Using rails.vim · Installing NetBeans. Ads. &ensp. &ensp ...
Installing Git and Vim - Ruby - About.com
Vim may not be your chosen editor, it does have a learning curve and some people just want to jump right in. Other choices include gedit, emacs or the ever ...
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