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What is Rack? - Ruby - About.com
There's a lot of talk about Rack , but unless you're a framework author yourself, you rarely see it. So what is Rack? And why, as an application developer, should  ...
Using Rack - Ruby - About.com
In the previous article, you learned what Rack is. Now, it's time to start using Rack and serve up some pages.
List of Rack Middleware - Ruby - About.com
The following is a list of Rack middleware applications that come with the Rack gem. A brief description of each middleware is given. For more information, see ...
Pool Definition -- Rack - Pool and Billiards - About.com
Slang for an entire game or round of pool, one complete rack of balls cleared from the table. Note that a player can win a game of 8-ball sinking only eight of ...
How to Make Rack of Lamb - Guide - About Barbecue & Grilling
A rack of lamb makes a great meal for a crowd or for just the two of you. The perfect meal for the grill and a perfect way to impress someone special.
How To Run A Rack - 8-Ball - How To Run A Rack - Pool and Billiards
How to run a rack in step-by-step photos detailing the four kinds of balls that come up in an 8-Ball or 9-Ball rack.
Preparing the Rack - Barbecue Ribs on a Gas Grill
Ideally, what you're looking for is a rack of ribs with a square shape and an even thickness throughout. Make sure you inspect the ribs for any loose pieces of ...
Securing the Kayak Straps on the Roof Rack - Paddling - About.com
Once the kayak is in position on the roof rack and the straps are laying over the kayak it is time to strap it down. First, ensure the straps are laying flat against the  ...
Strapping the Canoe or Kayak to a Roof Rack - Paddling - About.com
At this point you will place the kayak on the roof rack. These steps assume you are only transporting one boat on the roof of your car at a time. There is an old ...
DIY: Replacing A Steering Rack - Auto Repair - About.com
DIY: Replacing A Steering Rack from your About.com Guide to Auto Repair.
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