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IO Quick Reference - Ruby - About.com
IO Quick Reference. The IO class is the core class that all input and output methods, such as files or network sockets, inherit from. This article covers a few ways ...
String Quick Reference - Ruby - About.com
String Quick Reference. Strings are perhaps the most used class in Ruby. And with over 100 methods in the String class alone, it can be a bit daunting.
Hash Quick Reference - Ruby - About.com
Hash Quick Reference. Hashes are one of the most used classes in Ruby. However, with each release the list of methods just keeps growing and growing.
All the Delphi RTL Quick Reference - Delphi Programming
All the Delphi RTL (run time library functions and procedures) Quick Reference.
Pennsylvania State Taxes - Guide and Reference - About.com
Pennsylvania State Taxes. A quick reference for Pennsylvania taxes. By Tonya Moreno, CPA. Share this. Send to a Friend via Email. Recipient's Email. This field  ...
iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick References - Assistive Technology
The iPhone Tactile Screenshot Quick Reference Guide from National Braille Press provides diagrams with braille and large print annotations to orient blind ...
iPad Tactile Screenshot Quick References - Assistive Technology
The iPad Tactile Screenshot Quick References are raised representations of various iPad screens to show iPad users who are blind what appears where on ...
Bignum Quick Reference - Ruby - About.com
Bignum Quick Reference. The Bignum class is a bit of an odd one, many people don't even realize it's there or that they're even using it. A Bignum is part of the ...
Quick First Aid Reference - About.com
This handbook of first aid will help lay rescuers with basic first aid and cpr needs.
Exception Quick Reference - Ruby - About.com
Exceptions are used often in Ruby, and there's a bit more you can do with the exception objects than catch them and print out an error message.
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