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Pseudocode - Ruby - About.com
Pseudocode: Example code in an imaginary language used to demonstrate an algorithm without writing a working implementation. The imaginary code is often ...
Variables - Ruby - About.com
A computer program can be viewed as a list of things the computer must do to perform a certain task. For example, a pseudocode program for checking email ...
Mixin Modules - Ruby - About.com
Continuing with our hypothetical drawable shapes example, here's pseudocode for two shapes. One, a raster image, uses image manipulation libraries to ...
P-code (Pseudo-code) Language - Linux - About.com
Definition: P-code (Pseudo-code) Language: A type of Interpreted language. P- code languages are something of a hybrid, falling between compiled languages  ...
Structured Programming Sequence - JavaScript - About.com
A subroutine can either be compiled with (internal to) the calling program or separately (external). pseudo code. call subroutine-1(var1, var2) subroutine-1( var1 ...
Java: Do you know anything about pseudo code?, pseudocodes ...
Nov 2, 2005 ... pseudocodes, pseudocode, logic programming: Izzzz - what is the audience of the pseudo code? can they understand those operators?
AutoCAD: vba CAD, math formulas, pseudo code - AllExperts
Nov 5, 2004 ... math formulas, pseudo code, intersection of two lines: That is a tough question! I didn t know the answer, so I resorted to the internet. I couldn t ...
Structured Programming and JavaScript - About.com
A structured program may be written out using pseudo code prior to being translated into whatever programming language that the program is to be written in.
Inverted Exclamation (What It Is and How It Is Used)
Learn how to ASCII and HTML codes for the inverted exclamation point.
What Is Compiled Language? - Linux - About.com
Related Articles. Compiled Language · Interpreted Language · P-code (Pseudo- code) Language · P-code (Pseudo-code) Language · compiler ...
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