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Pseudocode - Ruby - About.com
Pseudocode is example code in an imaginary language used to demonstrate an algorithm without writing a working implementation.
Variables - Ruby - About.com
A computer program can be viewed as a list of things the computer must do to perform a certain task. For example, a pseudocode program for checking email ...
Mixin Modules - Ruby - About.com
Continuing with our hypothetical drawable shapes example, here's pseudocode for two shapes. One, a raster image, uses image manipulation libraries to ...
P-code (Pseudo-code) - Linux - About.com
Definition: P-code (Pseudo-code) Language: A type of Interpreted language. P- code languages are something of a hybrid, falling between compiled languages  ...
Structured Programming Sequence - JavaScript - About.com
A subroutine can either be compiled with (internal to) the calling program or separately (external). pseudo code. call subroutine-1(var1, var2) subroutine-1( var1 ...
Java: Do you know anything about pseudo code?, pseudocodes ...
Nov 2, 2005 ... pseudocodes, pseudocode, logic programming: Izzzz - what is the audience of the pseudo code? can they understand those operators?
Count the Islands - About Visual Basic
To do that, I used "pseudocode". "Old School" techniques like pseudocode don't get much respect these days, but it certainly worked for me! I also made a copy ...
AutoCAD: vba CAD, math formulas, pseudo code - AllExperts
Nov 5, 2004 ... math formulas, pseudo code, intersection of two lines: That is a tough question! I didn t know the answer, so I resorted to the internet. I couldn t ...
Inverted Exclamation (What It Is and How It Is Used)
Learn how to ASCII and HTML codes for the inverted exclamation point.
Structured Programming and JavaScript - About.com
A structured program may be written out using pseudo code prior to being translated into whatever programming language that the program is to be written in.
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