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Method Call Syntax Changes - Ruby - About.com
... (method call) operator. Learn more about these dot syntax changes in Ruby 1.9.1. ... Here is the same code rewritten for Ruby 1.9, isn't it much easier to read?
Syntax - Definition - C/C++/C - About.com
Every programming language has it's own syntax. This is like English with its rules about how sentences are formed with verbs and nouns. A compiler has to ...
Java Syntax - Declaring and Using Constants in Java - About.com
When writing a program it makes sense to represent them in the same way - as values that will not be modified once they have been assigned to a variable.
Java Syntax: What Is Inheritance? What Is a Superclass? - About.com
AMV Photo/Digital Vision/Getty Images. An important concept in object-oriented programming is inheritance. It provides a way for objects to define relationships ...
Excel Function Syntax (Definition and Examples) - Spreadsheets
Spreadsheet definition - Syntax. This glossary entry defines.
Java Syntax: Converting Strings to Numbers & Vice Versa - About.com
This number value will end up in a String object which doesn't really help your program if you want to do some arithmetic. Fortunately there are wrapper classes  ...
Java Syntax: The String Literal - About.com
String Literals are used for representing string values in Java code.
Java Syntax: Switch Statement for Multiple Choices - About.com
Use the switch statement when you want your program to chose between a number of alternative options.
Using Java Naming Conventions - About.com
Different Java programmers can have different styles and approaches to the .... for Building a Simple GUI App · A Quick Guide to Using Constants Syntax in Java  ...
Java Syntax: Creating a Message Dialog Box - Part I - About.com
An example Java code program can be viewed in Simple Message Dialog Boxes Program. A more in-depth Java application example can viewed in ...
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