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Method Visibility - Ruby - About.com
The concept of 'encapsulation' is at the core of Object Oriented programming. Object Oriented programming is grouping related data and methods into a ...
Aliasing a Method in Ruby - About.com
Aliasing is a powerful Ruby feature that allows more than one method to be referred to by multiple names. This can be used to give a programmer more ...
Methods - Ruby - About.com
Methods are very important in Ruby. ... This is all rather straightforward, every single programming language that I know (except Commodore 64 BASIC, which  ...
Method - Glossary - Delphi Programming - About.com
Method term explanation related to Delphi programming.
Class Method - Glossary - Delphi Programming - About.com
Class Method term explanation related to Delphi programming.
Definition for the Term: Method Signature - Java
It is the combination of the method name and the parameter list. ... Test Your Java Programming Knowledge · Tools and Utilities to Help You Program Java ...
Static Method Definition - Java
Static methods are created using the static keyword. ... Fields · Designing and Creating Objects · The key concepts of object-oriented programming with Java.
The Constructor Method - Java
Examples of how to create constructor methods in Java are discussed here. ... It's a question of programming style, but this is my preferred method of defining ...
Static Fields - What Is a Static Constant? - Java - About.com
Normally fields and methods defined in a class can only be used when an object ... You could, if you felt like having a program that continually calls itself, do this:
Learn to Program Go Tutorial Seven - C/C++/C - About.com
But despite the lack of classes, Go does have methods, basically it makes it possible to do lightweight object oriented programming. A method in Go is a function ...
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