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Command-line Arguments in Ruby - About.com
Use command-line arguments to pass parameters to your Ruby scripts from the command line.
OptionParser--Parsing Command-line Options the Ruby Way
You only have to write the command-line switch, its arguments, the code to run when it's encountered, and the command-line switch description once in your ...
Use OptionParser to Parse Commands in Ruby - About.com
For example, "--logfile [FILE]" means the FILE parameter is optional. If not supplied, the program will assume a sane default, such as a file called log.txt.
Using Command-Line Arguments in Java - About.com
How to make use of command-line arguments in your Java applications.
Running Delphi Applications With Parameters - About.com
In the days of DOS it was a common practice run applications (command line programs) with some kind of parameters that will specify want we want to do.
Parsing Command-Line Arguments Solution - Java - About.com
A solution to the java progmramming exercise to parse a specific set of command -line arguments.
Adding Command Line Parameters to Video Game Shortcuts - Cheats
A command line parameter in a video game shortcut is simply a command that enables or disables certain features of the game while the program begins.
Receiving Command Line Arguments for the ... - About.com
The sys module has an attribute argv which is an array holding arguments from when the program is executed. By way of example, when one uses the shell ...
Parsing Command Line Parameters with Delphi
Feb 22, 2010 ... in Delphi TIPS :: Delphi's ParamStr and ParamCount functions are designed to help operate the parameters (command-line arguments) passed ...
Command-line Options--Long Form and Short ... - Ruby - About.com
There are two forms of command-line options: long form and short form. Both long and short form options take arguments, each a little differently.
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