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Running the Ruby Profiler - About.com
Profiling your Ruby program is a way of determining which methods are called ... are so you can concentrate on the big time sinks when optimizing your code.
QR Code Best Practices - Marketing - About.com
QR codes seem to be the craze as of late. However, for your campaign to be successful you must understand the profile of the QR code user and best practices.
gprof - Linux Command - Unix Command
The annotated source listing is a copy of the program's source code, labeled ... to print a suggested function ordering for the program based on profiling data.
PerformanceCounter - A Window Into Your Computer - Visual Basic
This menu offers a Profiling Wizard to gather Sampling data in a Profiling session . ... You can spend a lot of time changing the location of StopWatch code and ...
Mathematics Packages - Free GNU Linux Software - About.com
Its features include speed (generally much faster than octave, RLaB and Scilab), storage of sparse arrays and a code profiling capability (to check where your ...
System Error Codes (1 to 15841) & What Each Code Means
A complete list of system error codes, from code 1 through 15841. ... 553, The number of active profiling objects is at the maximum and no more may be started.
Transcription - RNA synthesis - Gene Expression - Biotech/Biomedical
Transcription is the first step in gene expression. RNA strands are constructed by cellular enzymes that read the genetic code of a single DNA strand, and ...
directory of links to utilities and tools just for the .NET Framework
Part of Microsoft Labs, Code Contracts provides a way to express coding ... It compiles an application then runs it under profiling; this adds just 30% to the size  ...
World War II's Impact on Race Relations - About.com
In this way they mirrored the young men of the Navajo Nation who served as code talkers in World War II to prevent Japanese intelligence from intercepting U.S. ...
bootparam - Linux Command - Unix Command
Note the limit of 10 is real, as the present code only handles 10 comma .... of the profiling: each clock tick, if the system was executing kernel code, a counter is ...
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