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Running the Ruby Profiler - About.com
Running the Ruby profiler to determine which methods are most expensive and ... are so you can concentrate on the big time sinks when optimizing your code.
Military Physical Profile Serial System - The PULHES Factors
The physical profile serial system is based primarily upon the function of body systems and their relation to military duties. The functions of the various organs, ...
QR Codes - Understand the User Profile and Best Practices
QR codes seem to be the craze as of late. However, for your campaign to be successful you must understand the profile of the QR code user and best practices.
gprof - Linux Command - Unix Command
The profile data is taken from the call graph profile file (gmon.out default) which is created by ... The -A option causes "gprof" to print annotated source code.
INFP: A Profile of the "Idealist" Personality Type
INFP Personality Profile ... As you might have already guessed, the four-letter code for this personality type stands for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and ...
ISTJ - Introversion, Sensing, Thinking, Judgment - Psychology
A Profile of the ISTJ Personality Type ... ISTJ (introversion, sensing, thinking, judgment) is a four-letter code representing one of the 16 personality types found on ...
Profile: Nessus Vulnerability Scanner - Security - About.com
profile of freely available Nessus open source vulnerability scanner from your About.com Guide ... You must compile the code first and then run the installation.
System Error Codes: Code 500 to Code 599 - PC Support - About.com
System error code 550 means "Profiling not started." This error code may also display as "ERROR_PROFILING_NOT_STARTED" or as the value 0x226.
Government Job Profile: Fire Marshal
Fire marshals enforce fire codes and educate the public on fire prevention. Most fire marshals are employed at the local government level. They usually work in ...
ISFP - Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving
ISFP is a four-letter code representing one of the 16 personality types identified ... Some fictional characters that match the profile of the ISFP personality include:.
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