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What Is a PDF? - Definition in Desktop Publishing
Glossary definition of PDF, spelling, descriptions, additional information for the term PDF.
How to Create a PDF File in Acrobat Distiller - Desktop Publishing
Adobe Acrobat Distiller is the most reliable way to create a PDF file. Start with a PostScript file to generate a basic PDF document for email, disk, or Web sharing.
PDF File (What It Is & How To Open One) - PC Support - About.com
Did you find a PDF file on your computer and wonder what program should open it? Maybe someone emailed you a PDF file but you're not sure how to use it.
PDF Owner Password Definition (Change Permissions Password)
A PDF owner password, often called the change permissions password, is the one used to prevent editing and other tasks in the PDF.
Creating and Editing PDF Files for Free - Word Processing - About ...
PDF files are a handy way to share documents. Not only are they small and easy to email, they also preserve document formatting no matter the operating ...
How to Extract Text or Images From a PDF File - Desktop Publishing
Don't have Adobe Acrobat but you need to grab some text or images out of a PDF ? There are several ways to do this and I'll explain each one here. Discover the ...
PDFMate PDF Converter Free Review - Freebies - About.com
My review of PDFMate PDF Converter Free, a free file converter that can convert PDF to DOCX, EPUB, HTML, JPG, PDF, SWF, and TXT.
Creating a PDF From a Microsoft Word Document - Word Processing
Creating a PDF file from a Word document is simple. Yet many people are confused by how to accomplish the task. That's because they're looking in the wrong ...
How to Convert a Web Page to a PDF File - Word Processing
PDFs have always been an easy way to share documents. But thanks to e- readers, PDFs are even more useful than they were in the past. You can load PDF ...
Six Tools for Converting PDF to HTML
If you have a PDF document that you want to put on a web page, you can post it to the web as a PDF, but sometimes you want it to be a real HTML web page.
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